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A perspective on Eye Health…                 

Now that’s a very important statement!

It has been said that India has approx 300 RTAs every single day and  approximately 70% are driver related causes and a question about his vision post an RTA is very relevant.

A study done on drivers at IISc, Bangalore reports  that about 52% failed in at least one of the vision parameters tested; 81% of those tested with at least one visual disability turned out to have a past record of an accident and 60% of commercial bus drivers failed the minimum vision requirements for driving.

Vision is most important  for a driver….because this means that he is able to gauge and comprehend  all probable hazards and ensure his safety as well as safety of other road users.

Most drivers aren’t even aware that they require an eye test or their vision is dwindling. Even if they know, they may not afford the eye check with an eye doctor and the solution provided.

Vision isn’t seeing a car number plate at 20 meters alone. That is only a quantitative measure of vision. Most accidents may occur because of a drop in the quality of vision.

Some of the parameters that could come under the heading of Vision are as follows.

1.Visual acuity: which is your ability to see a number plate at 20 meters

  1. Colour vision deficiency

3.Your field of vision

3.Night vison:Your ability to see in darkness

4.Glare sensitivity  and recovery: ability to see a flash of light clearly

6.Depth perception

7.Contrast sensitivity

All of us age and so does the eye. A change in number,a change in the glass frame,cataract,glaucoma,macular degenerations are a few eye diseases that are likely to affect the various parameters of quality of vision.It is therefore very important that a regular comprehensive Eye check be done for all those who drive.

Other factors like physical fitness,systemic diseases mental health and stress,sleep,etc are other factors that could be responsible for safe driving and  must be included in the health check.


Regular eye examinations should form part of everyone’s health routine, after all looking after your eyes is just as important as looking after the rest of your body.”

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