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CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome) also  is defined as that complex of eye and vision problems related to near work, which is experienced during or related to prolonged computer use.

This was on older terminology and now has been broadly termed DIGITAL EYE STRAIN because of the variety of digital screens that have come to be used in present times.

Digital use comprises of ALL forms of digital screen use.It includes desktops,laptops,tablets,video game screens,digital play gadgets,cell phones,navigation screens, television screens,watch screens,camera screens etc.

Almost every aspect of our seeing is being done in the form of digital viewing.From the moment one wakes up to a digital alarm,and finds his or her way through the day by way of physical workout, commercial work, cooking, entertainment,learning,communication,leisure,to the time one goes of to sleep ,everything has an influence of digital technology.It is no wonder now that digital eye strain has not spared any age group.

An infant gets glued to a screen as much as a child or an adult.

The way we see, focus,sit or stand, use our limbs neck and back,the number of times we blink,how we relax,every single thing has changed.

The postures have changed.The sitting arrangements have changed,Our placement of electrical sockets have changed.And hence the likelihood of different parts of the body being affected has become a possibility.

Symptoms that arise in the eyes and may also spread to other parts of the body due to long hours of work on the computer and the use of various digital screens.It is by far the most common cause of dry eye and symptomatic ocular disease.


Changes and Adjustments in the physical self

  1. Continuous focus on near objects
  2. Continuous convergence of the eyes
  3. A constant exposure of the eyes to be able to focus on whats being visualized
  4. Decreased blink rate.
  5. Increased evapouration of tears
  6. Accumulation of mucous and debris
  7. Continuous exposure to blue light.
  8. A habituated sitting posture that’s hunched and crouched
  9. A neck thats always bent.
  10. Arms,hands and fingers that are always flexed.
  11. A posture that’s always hunched or crouched.


A digital screen emits blue light that has a shorter wavelength than the visible blue light..

  • The blue light flickers and causes more glare than the normal visible light.
  • The blue light has effects on the cornea the ciliary body the lens and the retina.
  • The eye requires more energy to focus on the blue light and continuous adjustments cause the eyes to tire faster.
  • It also damages the macula over a period of time.
  • Blue light stimulates melatonin,the sleep pigment responsible for sleep and thereby disturbs sleep.
  • There is an increased contrast between the brightness of the screen and the dark text and this causes tension headaches


Symptoms of CVS aren’t limited to the eye alone.It extends through the body and has effects on sleep and behaviour too.

Symptoms related to the eye may be any of the following:

  • Eyes tear, itch, become dry and red or hurt.
  • Squinting, eye rubbing, or excessive blinking.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Light sensitivity after reading.
  • Double vision.
  • Headaches, dizziness, nausea, or fatigues easily after reading.
  • Head tilting, closing or blocking one eye when reading.
  • Skips lines or loses place when reading.
  • Difficulty tracking moving objects.
  • Misaligning letters or numbers.
  • Unusual posture or moving head closely to see book or paper.
  • While reading, you feel that words, letters, or lines run together or jump around.
  • Difficulty concentrating or comprehending reading material. 
  • Poorly spaced written words.
  • Poor eye hand coordination.

Other Non Ocular Symptoms may be:

  • Headaches: tension aches/migraine
  • Neck pain
  • Aches and pains because of postural changes
  • Sleeplessness,disturbed sleep
  • Anxiety,depression
  • Learning disabilities etc.


Management of CVS can be divided into the following:

1.Management of the ocular effects

  1. Management of non Ocular Effects

3.Management of causative factors

3.Management of environmental factors


It is very complex as it involves multiple organs and functions of the eye.The management may take a few sessions and may spread over a few months too.It begins with

  1. Answering a detailed questionnaire.
  2. Systematic step by step assessment of the eye.This may sometimes take a few sittings.This could be done in the following ways.
  3. Vision correction and refraction
  4. Management of Ocular motility and function
  5. Binocular vision
  6. Dry eye
  • Diagnosis
  1. Treatment
  2. Follow up.


Q:What is blue light?

A:Blue light is the invisible end of the light spectrum. of visible blue.Its of a shorter wavelength.

Q:How much of blue light do we use in everyday life?

A:We use a lot of Blue light in day to day life.Blue light has a lot of good effects too.The blue sky is because of blue light.

Q:How is blue light from digital screens different from Natural blue light?

A:The blue light from the digital screens is of shortest and highest energy wavelengths (HEW).They flicker more and hence cause more glare.

Q:Do our eyes have blue light filters?

A: No our eyes do not have blue light filters even for natural blue light.Hence the blue light emitted from the digital screens are likely to cause more damage to the eye.

Q:How do I reduce the effect of blue light from my smartphone?

A: Use the blue light filters or Night mode on your cell phone

Q:When should I ideally switch off my phone?

A: Phone and digital gadget use should be switched off at least two hours before sleep.

Q:How can I reduce screen time?


  • Use the different options on your cell phone.
  • Time your work hours and gadget usage hours.
  • Take breaks
  • Work on a single screen at a time.
Q:What can I do about my changed posture?

A: google ergonomics and work place posture and follow the recommendations

Q:What type of glasses can I make to reduce blue light exposure?

A: There are various options available in the market currently.Speak to your doctor and optician when you buy them.

Q:Do I have to put an additional screen in front of my desktop/laptop?

A: The new generation smart phones and laptops and desktops have an inbuilt blue light filter.

Q:How can I reduce Digital eye strain?


 1.Regular short breaks

2.20-20-20 rule

  1. frequent blinking


5.regular comprehensive eye checks with your ophthalmologist

Q:Is digital eye strain permanent?

A : No its not permanent.But it can become chronic and troublesome if not taken care of.One requires a lot of patience.especially so if it is chronic.

Q: What is vision therapy?

A: Vision therapy is a set of different exercises to improve the ocular function.It will be decided at the time of your eye test.

Q:Can I do vision therapy at home?

A: Yes it can be done by way of a few newer computer based solutions.It will first have to be done under supervision at the clinic and once you have understood them,a program can be customized and set up for you.

Q:How long does vision therapy last?

A: It takes a few weeks to a few months based on the severity and how your response to therapy is.

Q: Do I need eye medications?

A: yes usually one needs to supplement the treatment with eye drops.


Dr. Leena Doshi always takes time with me, she answers all my questions and never seems to be in a rush to move on the next patient. I had taken my mother in law for a cataract problem which was successfully treated. I always feel  completely satisfied each time after my appointment. There are no unanswered questions, doubts or confusion… Best Compliments.

Mrs. Sneh Chauhan


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