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Comprehensive Eye Care & Surgeries


This is a Laser procedure required for a condition called  after Cataract (Chari in Gujrati).It is seen in quite a few patients post cataract surgery.Dimness of vision after a cataract surgery may be because of a after cataract.Other causes need to be ruled out.So a visit to your eye surgeon helps in diagnosis.

Here the thin layer of after cataract is cleared by the Laser. The procedure usually takes just a few minutes. The visual recovery is almost instantaneous. It is usually a one-time procedure and may not have to be repeated. It is painless. There are no injections and it is a OPD procedure. Medicines will be advised for a week.


This is a laser procedure done in the closed angle variety of glaucoma and is the procedure of choice. It is ideally done in both eyes. So do not be surprised if your eye doctor advises it for both your eyes, though you may not have any complaints in the other eye. Multiple factors are responsible for developing a closed angle glaucoma.Though the most common is called Primary Angle Closure and may not have secondary (some other eye problem that leads to angle closure).

It is painless. There are no injections and it is a OPD procedure.Vision may become blurry for a day. Medicines will be advised for a week.


This is a Laser procedure done in open angle glaucoma.It is one of the ways of controlling the eye pressure without medication.It may have to be repeated at a later date or be supplemented with eye drop medication if the pressures aren’t controlled adequately.It is not a permanent solution to glaucoma.You have to continue to follow up with your eye doctor as advised to monitor progression.


for entropion (inturning of eye lids)/Ectropion (out turning of eyelids,Ptosis(drooping of eye lids) etc


DCR(dacryocystorhinostomy) both external and Endoscopic DCR

External DCR: This procedure is done from outside with a small incision on the side of the bridge of the nose.it leaves a fine scar.The procedure has a larger ostium and hence chances of it closing are lesser.The disadvantage being the externar scar.

Endonasal DCR: This procedure is done with a nasal endoscope.It is done through the nose and hence there is no external/outside cut on the skin and therefore no scar. This procedure usually has a smaller inner ostium.and chances of closure may be a little higher.The recovery is faster.

If the natural eye has to be removed for any reason,the eye ball is implanted with an implant (it’s a ball implant) so as to prevent shrinkage of the bony orbital socket.


If the natural eye has to be removed for any reason,the eye ball is implanted with an implant (it’s a ball implant) so as to prevent shrinkage of the bony orbital socket.


The natural eye sometimes has to be removed for reasons unavoidable.Sometimes the eye shrinks due to trauma/infectios etc.The absence of a visible eye is quite cosmetically disfiguring.

Prosthetic eyes also called as orbital shells or scleral shells are plastic substitutes to look like an eye. They are removable plastic discs and have to be fitted on the eye behind the eyelids.They DO NOT move,but still help to make the face look better cosmetically.

We have the facility to fit the prosthetic eye and they are reasonably priced.Kindly book an appointment for the fitting and dispensing of the shell.

Ocular Trauma Management


In  to-day’s  world   wherein each one of us are in a hurry to make as much money as one can, doctors  who are considered to be next to Almighty God are no exception. However, there  are a few ones  who have proved  to be otherwise,  and  Dr. Leena Doshi  (An ophthalmologist) of  Roshni  Eye Hospital is one such doctor who believes that she is here to ease the sufferings of the human beings with her skill & knowledge without being rude to them and spread the light of happiness  amongst  them.

I had the pleasure of experiencing her above qualities when I visited her hospital with my family few month’s back, her ever smiling face, reassuring us time and again and impeccable services before and after the treatment  made us think of an angel on the earth.

I take this opportunity to thank her profusely and pray to Almighty to bless her with long life so as to serve the humanity.”

Vijay Amin


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