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Comprehensive Eye Care & Surgeries

Corneal disease is a major cause of blindness responsible for 7.1% of blindness in India. Recent data reported that only 10 % of the required 400,000 corneas are being procured annually.

THOUGH WE DO NOT DO TRANSPLANTATIONS AT OUR CENTER,we strongly appeal that you and your family pledge to donate your eyes.


Eyes can be donated ONLY AFTER Your DEATH.Hence it is mandatory that you discuss your wish to donate your eyes with your family and immediate relatives as they are the ones who will have to take the action.

Please carry your donor card with you if you have one.IF NOT then a simple note carrying your wish to donate should suffice


    For eye donation, please fill the pledge form and send it to the eye bank. We will register you as an Eye Donor and will provide you an individual Eye Donor Card. Spread information & awareness about eye donation. Your words add value to the movement of eye donation.


    • The eye has to be enucleated (removed)within 6 hours of death of death.
    • Close eyes of the donor and place wet cotton swab on closed eyes.
    • Switch off the fans and keep the air-conditioner or cooler on.
    • Raise the head with the help of a pillow.

    Eye Donation contact numbers (24/7 response)

    1. 1919: EYE bank ( Call directly from cell phone without 022 ( mumbai code))

    2. 098210 81138 : Dr Girish Trivedi

    3. +91 22-24162929: Eye Bank Parel

    4. +91 98197 78703: Roshni Eye Bank : Prashant/ Deepak

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    Contact Now For Appointment

    For Appointment Call

    T: +91 22 26251059
    T: +91 22 26251084
    C: +91 8080420599
    WhatsApp: +91 8080420599

    FOR EMERGENCY 24/7 call +91 8080420599

    Eye Clinic Timing

    11:00AM to 8:00 PM (Mon to Sat)

    Consultations By Prior  Appointments  BETWEEN 11.00 AM To 8.00 PM

    Eye Clinic Location

    1st Floor,Shilpa, Next to Blue Chip/Mangal Jyot Apartments,Opp Irla Masjid, Juhu Lane, (C.D.Barfiwala Marg), Andheri West,       Mumbai 400058

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