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Comprehensive Eye Care & Surgeries

Eyes are complex organs.All of 24mm this organ,The Eye,makes a world of difference to us human beings.And having two of them adds to the beauty,of how the world is perceived in all its magnificience.A lot many ways in how we see the world with one eye and with both together,during the day or during night,near or far or wide,the perception of depth,the very fine and the very large,the world in black and white or coloured, is absolutely so magical and all so because of having two eyes that work in tandem.

And what it all means is that the eyes have so many different functions and so many different parts with different functions.All of them are important and equally needed for us to see the world that we see and enjoy.

So a comprehensive eye check in short is an overall examination of the various functions of the eye.It is not the visual acuity (reading a vision chart) alone.It is actually a battery of small tests al done on a visit to your ophthalmologist. The eye check asseses everything from how much you see, and the entire apparatus that helps you to see the world.

The tests done by different doctors may vary according to his or her experience or expertise.The COMPREHENSIVE EYE EXAM comprises of the following

1.History taking: A detailed history of your vision,eye problems if any,family history,a history of all the systemic illnesses or comorbidities that you may have,and all the medications that you take,your prefession,age,sex etc make a difference to your eye check.

2.Vision Test: this checks the visual acuity of each eye separately both for distance and near.Its done on a visual acuity chart.

3.Retinoscopy and refraction: This tests what your eye power could be like and gives you the clarity of vision you may require with the help of appropriate glasses.Either manually or with aid of computers.

4.The Eye Focusing and the Eye Teamwork: The ability to focus on both near and far,and whether you see the world simultaneously with both your eyes are examined.s

6.Eye Health: The health of all the different parts of the eye is done with the help of a slit lamp microscope.This would include your eye lids,cornea,cataract,etc.

7.Tonometry: The measurement of your eye pressureis done with the help of a tonometer.There are various machines available and any could be used by different doctors.

8.Pupil Dilatation: this test may be required in many patients and the need of the same will be decided by the examining eye doctor.

CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome) is defined as that complex of eye and vision problems related to near work, which is experienced during or related to computer use.

This program has been designed to take care of the eye health of employees who find it difficult to visit Doctors clinics for regular eye checks.We have various services under this program that include
• A standard/customised awareness lecture about eye care depending upon the industry
• Complete eye check at the Corporate Premise
• Complete Eye check at our center

A COMPREHENSIVE EYE EXAMINATION is the first basic  and COMPLETE eye exam.An evaluation is made based on the findings and a conclusion whether your eyes are normal or require any further tests to diagnose any suspected eye problem is concluded.

Many a conditions are diagnosed during a comprehensive eye check.It may be as small as a refractive error or an underlying Diabetes,hypertension and other systemic disease,a brain tumour or some congenital anomalies.It tells and reveals many stories and secrets too.No wonder the eye is called “ the window to the inside world”.

It is this test that tells you and diagnoses all the eye conditions,whether non progressive,progressive  and blinding.

So an comprehensive eye examination is the PRIMARY and most BASIC of all tests and is MANDATORY for ALL  and of all ages.

It is recommended annually or more frequently as may be the condition of your eye.

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