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Comprehensive Eye Care & Surgeries

The world is an oyster and HOME is where it all begins. Home is the basic and primary unit where health is taken care of .The people who really care about our health is our families.The nucleus of any family is the mother,the wife,the home maker.She takes care of all health needs of the parents,children and the man of the house himself.So it is very important that the families are educated about eye health and are screened for any eye problems too.

We at Roshni Eye Hospital understand this fundamental need where by eye health is taken care of at the grass root level.

We have various programs for the same.If you are interested we would love to be of help.

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In  to-day’s  world   wherein each one of us are in a hurry to make as much money as one can, doctors  who are considered to be next to Almighty God are no exception. However, there  are a few ones  who have proved  to be otherwise,  and  Dr. Leena Doshi  (An ophthalmologist) of  Roshni  Eye Hospital is one such doctor who believes that she is here to ease the sufferings of the human beings with her skill & knowledge without being rude to them and spread the light of happiness  amongst  them.

I had the pleasure of experiencing her above qualities when I visited her hospital with my family few month’s back, her ever smiling face, reassuring us time and again and impeccable services before and after the treatment  made us think of an angel on the earth.

I take this opportunity to thank her profusely and pray to Almighty to bless her with long life so as to serve the humanity.”

Vijay Amin


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