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Symptoms of Cataract

Cataract develops gradually.So the symptoms also develop gradually.You may be absolutely unaware of a cataract developing in your eye especially if its developing in only one eye.This is why, most of the cataract cases go unnoticed till the time significant vision loss occurs.Sometimes though minor changes in the lens may cause a lot of disturbance in the quality of vision.You may just not be happy with the quality of vision with or without glasses.As the opacity increases, following symptoms of cataract may appear.


  • Blurred/misty/dim/fuzzy vision/foggy vision
  • Double vision from the affected eye
  • Increasing trouble with vision especially during night /low light conditions.
  • Glare from focus light/car headlights/sun or lamps
  • Recurrent need of stronger eyeglass or contact lens number
  • High sensitivity to bright light
  • Seeing “halos” everywhere
  • Fading of colors/washing off of colors/ or yellowing of colors
  • Improved near vision for a short time (second sight)
  • In some rare cases, blindness
  • Headaches/redness/watering/pain in the eye occurring in advanced cases of cataract because of complications like the cataract bursting or blocking the aqueous passage leading to increased eye pressure (Lens induced Glaucoma)
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