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Comprehensive Eye Care & Surgeries

Roshni Eye Hospital,Best eye hospital in Juhu,and Best eye hospital in Andheri West,Mumbai, runs the Cataract eye clinic that is well equipped with latest and regularly revising technology and proven vision correction treatments for early detection, treatment and surgery of cataract.

Roshni Eye Hospital is headed  by Dr. Leena Doshi, one of the most experienced Cataract & Lasik surgeon in India. The team of ophthalmologists at the hospital are leaders in advanced microsurgical techniques and lens implant technology.

The hospital is focused on patient wellbeing, satisfaction and happiness and aims to achieve the premium possible results by the safest, established and most predictable means. With more than 23years of experience, Dr. Doshi always endeavors to deliver proven surgical results at the most affordable/competitive rates/ price, making cataract surgery available to as many patients as possible.

Great results come with great care taken during evaluation and decision making after considering the overall welfare of the patient and understanding their need for a particular outcome.

Although treatment of cataract is one of the primary focus of Roshni Eye Hospital, Preventive ophthalmology (eye care) is also an important aspect of the services provided so as to maintain healthy vision for a lifetime. Our patients are our biggest assets and satisfying them with best in class and quality is our priority.

Cataract Surgery with NO INJECTION, NO STITCH and NO PATCH

Roshni Eye Hospital is well  equipped to conduct advanced small /micro incision cataract surgery. We have the advanced Millenium phacoemulsification system by Bausch & Lomb and cold phaco system on the venturi platform which helps reduce the phaco energy and phaco time required thereby reducing the damage to the eye.A three door joint less modern theatre that maintains the clean air and air circulation in its optimum sterile condition aids the successful surgical outcomes.

Cataract is the clouding of the natural lens of the eye that reduces the amount of light entering the eye and causes either a qualitative or quantitative drop in vision.

The only solution for this being its removal and replacement with an intra ocular lens (IOL).The procedure consists of emulsification and aspiration of the pre existing cloudy lens with the help of ultrasound (known as phacoemulsification) through a small incision in the cornea or the sclera.

We offer our patients the latest in IOL technology ,the lenses range from monofocal aspheric aberration corrected lenses to the  multifocal IOLs, the astigmatism correcting Toric IOLs and the latest EDoF (extended Depth of focus) IOLs and the TRIFOCAL IOLs. We offer the latest generation astigmatism correcting Toric IOLS across all platforms,  as an option in correcting refractive errors. For precision and to minimize calculation errors in the implanted IOLs we use the optical biometers with advanced calculators.

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Eye Clinic Timing

11:00AM to 8:00 PM (Mon to Sat)

Consultations By Prior  Appointments  BETWEEN 11.00 AM To 8.00 PM

Eye Clinic Location

1st Floor,Shilpa, Next to Blue Chip/Mangal Jyot Apartments,Opp Irla Masjid, Juhu Lane, (C.D.Barfiwala Marg), Andheri West,       Mumbai 400058

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