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Children are the LIFE of our Lives. In India, 41% of children are estimated to need visual correction.

Here are a few things you must be aware of:

  1. ANNUAL EYE EXAMS: AN annual visit to the ophthalmologist is as important as your visit to the pediatrician. Vision develops over the first few months & 80% of learning during the first 12 years is VISUAL. Uncorrected vision problems cause learning and reading difficulties. An undiagnosed LAZY EYE or genetic disease might be the cause for permanent reduced vision.
  2. DIGITAL EYE DAMAGE: It’s a digital world and we can’t deny our children the devices we use-the PCs, tablets, TV or cell phones. Monitored use with parental controls, use of proper light, posture, distance from the eye and adequate breaks certainly helps reduce eye strain & frequent change in glass power.
  3. INJURIES: Children are active and hence more prone for injuries. Use of protective glasses, selection of smooth edged toys, safe storage of perfumes &sprays helps. See a doctor immediately if your child injures the eye.
  4. RED EYE: Children are prone to infections (more often conjunctivitis/sore eye/pinkeye) as well as allergies. Hygiene is the only means of reducing the frequency and spread. Use sanitizers, disposable tissue wipes, avoid rubbing or touching the eyes. when the child contracts eye infection
  5. DIET: Children love junk food and hence might develop vitamin deficiencies. A Balanced diet that is rich in Vitamin A is important. Other Vitamins, proteins, essential fats, and hydration help to maintain healthy eyes and a healthy tear film. Green leafy vegetable, red fruits and vegetables, dried apricots, bell peppers, fish, liver etc are rich sources


Regular eye examinations should form part of everyone’s health routine, after all looking after your eyes is just as important as looking after the rest of your body.”

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