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Common Eye Conditions affecting children

Common Eye Conditions affecting children

Visual learning is a very important aspect of growing and learning.And therefore parents have to be a little knowledgeable about what are a few eye conditions affecting children and what may be needed to be taken care of immediately.Children being children aren’t the...


Ageing is synonymous to life. As we celebrate each BIRTHDAY, subtle changes and shifts happen to our vision and our eyes. VISION, one of the 5 crucial senses is one of the earliest to be affected by age.It can interfere with safety and ability to understand the...
Benefits of LASIK

Benefits of LASIK

There are a large number of people who have undergone LASIK Eye Surgery with a new  found confidence  inthemselves because of  how they see the world . Driving becomes a pleasure as you start seeing the signals clearly,sportsmen and women experience a new found...
Amblyopia and Cross eye are the same- A quiz

Amblyopia and Cross eye are the same- A quiz

Amblyopia and Cross eye are the same- A quiz Lazy Eye – Know More About It! Lazy eye and Cross eye are they the same?. True or false. Take this quiz to know now! Q1. What is the scientific name for a lazy eye? Myopia Hypermetropia Amblyopia None of the above Answer –...
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