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This ia an era of digitalization and technology.The use of digital devices is  increasing exponentially and is permeating across all ages.A toddler to a senior citizen,all are exposed to digital use.Right from games to various apps to basic communication,technology has revolutionized the way we work,live,entertain and communicate amongst ourselves

Digital eye strain is the physical discomfort of the eyes that develops after about 2-3 hours of digital use.It could be in the form of laptop,desk top,smart phone,e- reader etc and  more so if what you are doing is at  close distance or mid distance.

More and more people are using more than one device at one time.Be it a combination of a cell phone or a PC/Laptop/E reader/Video game.Most forms of work,relaxation,entertainment are digital

The Vision council in its 2016 report states that 8 out of 10 people suffering from DES use at least two devices simultaneously and around 65-70%   of the American population suffers from DES.

There are many  factors that affect the onset of DES.It could be  proximity of the device,amount of exposure to the high energy visible light (also called Blue light) emitted by the screens,prolonged use,postures,lighting of the room,temperature and humidity of the room,etc.

Pre existing systemic conditions like hypothyroidism, regular medications etc add to the onset or severity.

DES can be reduced  with a change in digital habits and reducing environmental stressors .A Preventive eye checks with an eye doctor on a regular basis will give insights into the condition and help alleviate DES and maintain healthy eyes.



Regular eye examinations should form part of everyone’s health routine, after all looking after your eyes is just as important as looking after the rest of your body.”

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