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We are nearing the end of LOCKDOWN 0.2 and a lot of you out there must be waiting to see your doctors for your long standing health issues or probably new ones.Here are a few tips for you as patients on how to go about visiting your doctor. REMEMBER we are ALL dealing with a virus that is going to be around.What we need to do is safeguard ourselves while not being a transmitter to others too.

THE HOSPITALS ARE ALL GEARING UP TO MAKE IT EASY AND SAFE FOR EVERYONE: you,your attender,your fellow patients,hospital staff and the Doctors themselves.

  1. Call up your doctor for an appointment
  2. REVEAL any history of any COVID positive patients at your home or Your own recovery from COVID 19 or migration/travel from other cities.
  3. Reveal your age,any comorbidities,whether you are an old(kindly keep your registration number ready) or a new patient.
  4. Ask for what documents /new tests they would need to show the doctor on your visit to the clinic and whether the doctor wants physical copies or digital copies.including your COVID test
  5. Ask for mode of payment at the clinic and make arrangements.
  6. Get any new tests that may have been advised to you earlier or during the call for your appointment.
  7. If you have been a COVID +VE case/have a COVID test done,please carry the report of the same.
  8. Digitalise all your previous and new documents.(take pictures of relevant tests and prescriptions)and save them on a folder on your cell phone.
  9. Send all relevant documents to your doctor either on whats app or by email,whichever is preferred by your doctor.
  10. Remember to make a list of all the queries you may want to ask the doctor.
  11. If you can manage to go alone and do not require an attendant,please go alone but see to it that you will be able to understand the instructions given by the doctor.The attender could wait in your car.
  12. If you require an attendant,then chose someone from the family who is young and able to take instructions from the doctor or the hospital staff.
  13. Wear Clothes with short sleeves and that don’t flow or touch the floor and are easy to manage and wash once you reach back home.
  14. Wear your mask.If you are healthy ,a 2 layered cotton mask will be ok.If you are recovering or are having fever or cough wear at least a 3 layered surgical mask that fits you well.Cover your nose and mouth.
  15. Wear a Face shield if you have cough or you have been sneezing.
  16. Please reach the hospital 5 minutes before your appointment time.Kindly note you may have a limited time with your doctor as appointments will have been scattered to accommodate you while reducing crowding at the hospital waiting room.
  17. At the clinic: Remove your footwear at the designated place.Maintain Physical Distancing at all times even while talking to the hospital staff.
  18. REVEAL any history of fever,cough,sore throat,any COVID positive patients at your home or Your own recovery from COVID 19. And produce the COVID test result if asked again for verification.
  20. Carry your sanitizer/wash/sanitize your hands at the clinic.
  21. Please sit in your designated place.Maintain physical distancing
  22. Avoid touching anything at the clinic including your phones except when asked to show your digital documents.
  23. Avoid talking/coughing/sneezing/touching your face/mouth/nose /eyes while in the clinic.
  24. Maintain the same when inside the doctors chamber.
  25. Take your prescription either physical/digital and understand the instructions well.
  26. Collect and understand any specific instructions if you have been scheduled for any further procedure/test/surgery
  27. Remember to book your next appointment before leaving.
  28. Once you leave the doctors chamber,make the necessary payments by cash/digitally
  29. Understand the instructions again from the staff if you haven’t done so.
  30. Sanitize your hands again before leaving the clinic.




Regular eye examinations should form part of everyone’s health routine, after all looking after your eyes is just as important as looking after the rest of your body.”

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