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Amblyopia and Cross eye are the same- A quiz

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Lazy Eye – Know More About It!

Lazy eye and Cross eye are they the same?. True or false. Take this quiz to know now!

Q1. What is the scientific name for a lazy eye?

  1. Myopia
  2. Hypermetropia
  3. Amblyopia
  4. None of the above

Answer – 3: Amblyopia

Amblyopia is an eye condition where the vision of one eye is lesser than that of the other eye.It is commonly known as lazy eye .Here the vision in the said eye doesn’t improve beyond a certain point eyen with glasses/contact lenses/laser correctionThe eye is physically usually normal. It is not due to any disease, but the brain cannot acknowledge images captured by the amblyopic eye for some unexplained reason. Early detection can help improving the vision to normal or near normal.Hence it is best to consult an ophthalmologist as soon as it is noticed or complained of by the child.

Q2. Lazy eye and crossed eye are the same conditions.

  1. True
  2. False

Answer – 2: False

Lazy eye and crossed eyes are two completely different conditions. Most people think that a crossed eye or Squint eye is a lazy eye. While a Squint or crossed eye can lead to a lazy eye, they are not one and the same. If you are confused about whether you have a lazy eye or crossed eye, consult an ophthalmologist. Your doctor will detect the actual condition and recommend the right form of treatment aimed at improving the situation.

Q3. Lazy eye treatment can be successful at what age?

  1. Older children
  2. Teenagers
  3. Adults
  4. All of the above

Answer – 4: All of the above

The treatment of lazy eye is most successful at early ages but the latest scientific research has revealed that lazy eye treatment can be successful at all ages. This is because the human brain is capable of change at any age and this has been established by neuroscience. If a child has a lazy eye disorder, he/she can have improved vision at any point in his/her life. Patients must diligently follow the treatment procedure and stay positive to observe the improvement in the condition. The degree of improvement in vision beyond the age of 10-12 years may be uncertain.

 Q4. A lazy eye can be fixed with surgery.

  1. True
  2. False

Answer – 2: False

A lazy eye cannot be fixed by surgery. The various treatments of the lazy eye include glasses, eye patching, and atropine drops. Also, vision therapy is known to be quite effective and includes various eye exercises, neurological therapies, and visual-motor processing activities. The treatment would require more efforts including vision therapy as the age of the child advances. An ophthalmologist would employ the use of cycloplegic drops to detect the problem in young children.




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